Scaling WASH & WRM enterprises. Together.

WA-KE UP is a dedicated business accelerator providing water, sanitation, hygiene and water resources management enterprises sector specific business development support to scale their operations in Kenya.


This programme is designed to deliver personalized and long-term support for WASH & WRM businesses in Kenya who want to become investment-ready. The support provided includes technical assistance from sector-smart business development experts, networking and matchmaking opportunities as well as the opportunity to access seed capital grants to implement business development projects.

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WA-KE UP works with a broad range of Kenyan businesses that offer a sustainable solution to WASH and WRM related challenges and want scale their operations and impact. As a basic requirement applicants need to have at least a prototype of the product/service as well as an initial customer base with recurring sales.

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The WA-KE UP team consists of a dedicated network of international water specialists and business development experts with long-standing experience in helping WASH & WRM businesses to become investment ready.

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